Introduction to Ethics in Data Analytics

Course Code: MSCA 37015

Course Summary: Big data has made a big difference, reshaping business, health care, and our understanding of the physical world around us. At the same time, Big Data and data analytics have raised numerous ethical questions about how data is collected, how data analytics methods transform that data into predictive information, and how that information is then used. This 3-hour seminar will introduce you to the benefits of Big Data and data analytics as well as the ethical challenges they raise. We will examine the rise of Big Data and data analytics as a fundamental paradigm shift in human inquiry; review ethical frameworks that help contextualize conversations about the benefits and challenges of Big Data and data analytics; study challenges related to privacy, anonymity, bias, and disparate impact; compare regulatory environments in the U.S., European Union, India, and China; and study how one large corporation has wrestled with its own Big Data and data analytics ethical challenges.