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Data Analytics for Business Professionals


The Data Analytics for Business Professionals curriculum capitalizes on the University of Chicago’s top expertise and extensive resources to teach the analytic skills you need to accelerate your career. Learn by analyzing real-world problems individually and in virtual teams while benefiting from the knowledge and experience of instructors and peers.

What Do Data Analytics Students Learn?

  • How to construct a project plan
  • The fundamentals of statistical software and data maintenance 
  • The essentials of analytic management that drive project success
  • How to turn challenges into data science solutions and build executable business plans
  • The technical communication skills necessary to manage analytics teams and translate analysis into business objectives

Remote Course Structure

Our curriculum contains three required courses sequenced along the CRISP-DM methodology. Courses follow the same dataset, using one case from start to finish. This structure provides students with a repeatable, actionable toolkit to transform business challenges into data science solutions and build executable business plans.

  • The first two courses take six weeks to complete, the final course takes eight weeks to complete
  • All remote courses start on a Monday with a full week of self-study activities in Canvas, our learning management system
  • Weekly, self-paced learning and materials are time-sensitive
  • Weekly, self-paced learning in Canvas leads to one synchronous session per week
  • When registering for a course, "Online self-paced" refers to the course's beginning and end dates, "Online fixed dates" refer to synchronous sessions.
  • Synchronous sessions are conducted through Zoom
  • Attendance to synchronous sessions is mandatory


Two people smiling at the camera during commencement. One student is holding a certificate.

Alumni Scholarship Program

Allows graduates of professional development certificate programs to receive a 20% scholarship on:

  • Any additional elective from the same certificate
  • Any single new certificate course that does not require a prerequisite
  • Any additional full certificate program: every course of the program (application is required; fee will be waived)
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