Essentials of Project Management

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for Essentials of Project Management

Students earn this certificate by completing a rigorous eight-week online course or two two-day on-site courses.

Tuition for Online Course/Certificate $2,800
Tuition Per Course (in-person) $1,400
Tuition for Certificate (in-person) $2,800

Please note: noncredit students in the Professional Development Certificates do not qualify for financial aid.


Two people smiling at the camera during commencement. One student is holding a certificate.

Alumni Scholarship Program

Allows graduates of professional development certificate programs to receive a 20% scholarship on:

  • Any additional elective from the same certificate
  • Any single new certificate course that does not require a prerequisite
  • Any additional full certificate program: every course of the program (application is required; fee will be waived)
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