Marketing Analytics: Turning Data into Insights

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Our ten-month Marketing Analytics Certificate program is designed to provide solid theoretical frameworks in critical areas within the field. Our instructors, seasoned marketing experts, will guide you through the core principles, tools, and industry trends around advertising, brand development, digital marketing, market research, marketing planning, and social media.

This certificate program will teach you to leverage analytic tools, frameworks, and models in order to create impactful marketing content, optimize web analytics, and improve online presence. You will learn to produce actionable insights, make analytics-based marketing decisions, and promote innovative marketing initiatives within your organization.

After completing the certificate program, you will be able to:

  • Plan a content marketing approach to engage audiences and encourage them to amplify a brand’s reach, credibility, reputation, and trust
  • Collect, measure, analyze, and report web data to understand and optimize web usage
  • Leverage AI and machine learning to extract insights generated through algorithms, data sets, and models to predict future behaviors and inform more effective marketing strategies
  • Apply social science theories to arrive at data-driven consumer understanding, recommend marketing actions, and test potential courses of action
  • Understand and use tools to analyze and process large volumes of real-time customer data

Designed For

This program is designed for professionals who want to launch or refresh their marketing careers with cutting-edge knowledge. Marketers, analysts, business and product managers, brand managers, and others seeking to take a data-driven marketing approach will benefit from this program.

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Are you interested in learning how to improve marketing performance in the digital age?

Discover how this program can help you gain the tools and knowledge you need to optimize your marketing initiatives in a data-driven world.

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Online Learning Course Structure

  • Design a content marketing strategy that leverages multiple tactics
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of web analytics and the ability to identify relevant information and extract actionable insights
  • Develop strong analytical acumen within the marketing discipline to gain a better understanding of customer behavior, spending habits, and desire
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the consumer and a variety of marketing tactics to drive relevant and profitable customer action
  • Understand how data-driven marketing transforms people, processes, and technology to heighten customer engagement and outcomes


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Career Outlook for Marketing Analytics

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that overall employment for advertising, promotions, and marketing managers will grow at the rate of 10% each year over the next eight years, creating 31,100 new jobs. Significant new growth areas include digital marketing, multichannel marketing, and e-commerce—positions that did not exist in the early 2000s.

To succeed, marketing professionals need to immerse themselves in the digital world. Digital spending continues to increase exponentially, and technical and analytical skills have become the key to employability.

Average Salary Stats

$ 142 k

The median base salary for advertising, marketing, and promotions managers in the US

$ 49 k

The average base pay for entry-level marketing positions in the US

$ 60 k

Potential Job Titles for Marketing Analytics Professionals

Brand Analytics Manager

Creative Copywriter

Chief Marketing Officer

Commerce Manager

Content Marketing Specialist

Consumer Insights Manager

Consumer Insights Specialist

Consumer Researcher

Content Marketing Specialist

Content Producer

Content Writer

Customer Data Specialist

Customer Insights Analyst

Customer Insights and Analytics Consultant

Customer and Marketing Analytics Manager

Customer Service Specialist

Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing Manager

Director of Consumer Insights

E-Commerce Specialist

Insights Analyst

Marketing Analyst

Marketing Data Analyst

Marketing Director

Marketing Manager

Marketing Research Analyst

Predictive Analyst

Predictive Analytics Consultant

Predictive Analytics Specialist

Social Media Coordinator

Strategic Planner

Web Analyst

Web Developer

Web Specialist


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