Leadership Skills: Teams, Strategies, and Communications

Course Code:
MSCA 31003

In Leadership Skills: Teams, Strategies, and Communications, students learn how to work effectively in teams to identify, structure, and communicate the business value of data analytics to an organization.

The goals of the course are

  1. to identify points in an organization that can benefit from analytics;
  2. to structure analytic problems from a strategic perspective, thereby identifying business impact;
  3. to develop the ability to communicate the power of analytics to others, especially senior leaders; and
  4. to work in a team to accomplish these and related goals successfully.

At the end of the course, students should have the ability to describe business problems that lend themselves to a data analytics approach, position these problems from the perspective of a coherent business strategy, and represent the power of analytics to a business audience. Students should also understand how to harness the powerful dynamics of a team to achieve excellence in the world of data analytics.