Statistical Analysis

Course Code:
MSCA 31007

This course provides a comprehensive and practical introduction to statistical data analysis. The statistical techniques taught in this course will enable students to analyze complex datasets and formulate and solve real- world problems to facilitate data-driven decisions.

Throughout the course, students will learn concepts and fundamentals of statistical inference and regression analysis by studying theory, developing intuition, and working through several practical examples. Students will become proficient in interpreting standard regression output and conducting model selection and validation. Students will also learn the statistical programming language used to construct examples and homework exercises. Examples will be constructed using SAS or R. Students will have many opportunities to apply the new concepts to real data and develop their own statistical routines. The course also addresses the importance of quality control and reproducibility when conducting research and developing work product.


  • MSCA 31000: Introduction to Statistical Concepts
  • MSCA 37016: Advanced Linear Algebra for Machine Learning