Linear and Nonlinear Models for Business Application

Course Code:
MSCA 31010

This course concentrates on the following topics: Review of statistical inference based on linear model, extension to the linear model by removing the assumption of Gaussian distribution for the output (Generalized Linear Model), extension to the linear model by allowing a correlation structure for the model residuals (mixed effect models), and extension of the linear model by relaxing the requirement that inputs are combined linearly (nonparametric regression, regime switches).

Course emphasizes applications of these models to various fields and covers main steps of building analytics from visualizing data and building intuition about their structure and patterns to selecting appropriate statistical method to interpretation of the results and building analytical model. Topics are illustrated by data analysis projects using R. Familiarity with R at some basic level is not a requirement but recommendation. Students can pick up the programming language by following the descriptions of the examples.


  • MSCA 31007: Statistical Analysis