Health Analytics

Course Code: MSCA 32009

Course Summary: Prerequisite:
MSCA 31007: Statistical Analysis

Given the breadth of the field of health analytics, this course will provide an overview of the development and rapid expansion of analytics in healthcare, major and emerging topical areas, and current issues related to research methods to improve human health. We will cover such topics as security concerns unique to the field, research design strategies, and the integration of epidemiologic and quality improvement methodologies to operationalize data for continuous improvement. Students will be introduced to the application of predictive analytics to healthcare. Students will understand factors impacting the delivery of quality and safe patient care and the application of data-driven methods to improve care at the healthcare system level, design approaches to answering a research question at the population level, become familiar with the application of data analytics to impacting care at the provider level through Clinical Decision Systems, and understand the process of a Clinical Trial.