Professional Education Applied Science

Cybersecurity and Governance


Day One

The first day will provide a framework for how leaders should think about cybersecurity in the context of cyber crime, espionage, and security. Participants will learn how to prioritize and sequence key best practices and engage internal stakeholders while utilizing limited resources. 

A subject matter expert in organizational cybersecurity will be featured. 

Day Two

Participants will next examine how leaders can develop strategies to meet the expectations across stakeholders — from employees to regulators to consumers. This day will discuss privacy regulations and data regulations on a local and international scale.

A subject matter expert in cybersecurity and privacy will be featured. 

Day Three

The program’s final day will examine how to build and maintain a robust cybersecurity defense within an organization. Participants will develop a four-pronged approach to mission-critical skills, recruiting cyber-skilled individuals, developing training best practices, and educational and professional growth within the organization. 

A subject matter expert in cyber workforce will be featured.