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Quantum Science Course Oct 2, 2023 Online 8-Weeks $2,250*

*Ask about our group rates.

Curious about Quantum Mechanics, Physics, and
Computing? UChicago Has the Answers

The University of Chicago is training a quantum workforce to bring science into the future. We are not only leading discoveries, but we are part of the Chicago Quantum Exchange, the nation’s leading center for research in quantum information and training of the quantum workforce. We also have landmark partnerships with tech leaders such as Google and IBM—all of which put us at the forefront of the field.

Our course offerings in Quantum Engineering and Technology and Quantum Science, Networking, and Communications were created for professionals at various stages of their careers who want to learn about the possibilities of quantum science and engineering and help lead discoveries in this burgeoning field. Learn from a leader in quantum.

Students working in a engineering lab.

In-Person Quantum Engineering and Technology Course

Learn quantum mechanics, communications, sensing, and metrology from leaders in the field.

Quantum scientists working in a lab.

Online Quantum Science, Networking, and Communications Course

Harness foundational concepts and applications of quantum computing and communications.


The University of Chicago and the Chicago Quantum Exchange are committed to providing the highest quality learning experience for participants of this program. Therefore, registrants for the in-person Quantum Engineering and Technology course must have more than ten years of professional experience, and a master's degree or higher is recommended to participate. All submitted registrations will be prequalified before being allowed to take this course.

*The University of Chicago reserves the right to remove and refund registrants that do not meet the educational and professional requirements necessary to participate in either course.

Learning Objectives

Quantum Engineering and Technology

Designed for electrical and other engineers, materials scientists, and physicists with ten or more years of professional experience and backgrounds in classical physics and engineering, from the materials and communications engineering R and D and other industries. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Obtain a working understanding of the basic principles of quantum mechanics that are relevant to quantum technologies

  • Master a range of quantum technologies, including quantum computing, communication, and sensing; explore how these ideas and modalities will impact a broad set of industries both in the near and long term

  • Learn how quantum computing can be leveraged to address a range of practical computational problems; develop an appreciation for the prospects and challenges for devising new applications

Quantum Science, Networking, and Communications

This course is ideal for early-career participants with a bachelor’s or graduate degree in the sciences such as math, physics, statistics, electrical and computer engineering, or computer science. Mid-career professionals seeking to transition into the quantum field will also benefit from this course. After eight weeks of live sessions and self-paced modules, students will be able to:

  • Apply the fundamental framework of linear algebra to perform calculations (e.g., expectation values, state vector evolution, decoherence times, etc.) essential to quantum networking, computing, and communications applications

  • Explain the physical components used in quantum networks like superconducting and trapped ion qubits, photonic quantum channels, and quantum repeaters

  • Identify the various layers and protocols defined by and utilized in quantum communication networks


We’re Training the Quantum workforce

Few professionals can say their work transforms how people live, work, and play. This high-demand field is changing science as we know it and bringing theory into reality. UChicago is committed to building the future of the quantum workforce through our educational opportunities that meet you where you are in your career. Our professional courses offer quantum training for both those early in their career looking to break into this innovative field, and for those with 10 or more years of experience in engineering, physics, and material sciences who want to use their knowledge to push their careers into a deeper realm of science exploration. Discover the possibilities with us.

Enrich Your Career With Quantum

Quantum has the potential to revolutionize fields ranging from medicine to finance to cybersecurity. Devices such as lasers, MRI’s, computing hardware, and electron microscopes already utilize the power of quantum science. New discoveries are pushing discovery even further—opening the door to improving how people live, work, and play. Our dynamic and intensive Quantum course offerings will teach you a variety of quantum science skills across a spectrum of technology, so you can push your career into the exciting and innovative quantum realm.

Quantum Scientists Needed. Answer the Call. 

Quantum technologies in engineering, physics, and computing are at a unique moment in their development. People from a variety of disciplines, beyond research scientists, are needed to help deploy technologies, test quantum theories, and learn modern tools to advance science. By adding skills in this area, you are capable of leading discoveries, technologies, and solutions never thought possible. Gain these powerful skills with UChicago.

25.4 %

According to Quince Market Insights, the quantum market is expected grow six times its current standing, expanding at a CAGR of 25.40% over the forecast period from 2021 to 2030.

Meet Our Program Partners

The Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE) is an intellectual hub for advancing the science and engineering of quantum information between the CQE community, across the Midwest, and around the globe.

A catalyst for research activity across its member and partner institutions, the CQE is based at the University of Chicago and is anchored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Northwestern University.

Chicago Quantum Exchange

The Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME) integrates science and engineering to address global challenges from the molecular level up. In the University of Chicago tradition of rigorous inquiry, we ask crucial scientific questions that have real-world implications. Our work applies molecular-level science to the design of advanced devices, processes, and technologies. Organized by interdisciplinary research themes, we aim to develop solutions to urgent societal problems, such as water and energy resources, information security, and human health.

The program was established as the Institute for Molecular Engineering in 2011 by the University in partnership with Argonne National Laboratory. In 2019, in recognition of the institute’s success, impact and expansion, and the support of the Pritzker Foundation, the institute was elevated to the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering—the first school in the nation dedicated to this emerging field.

Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering

The NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institute for Hybrid Quantum Architectures and Networks (HQAN) features three quantum testbeds that will collaboratively develop the technology needed to assemble a hybrid quantum processor and network. Each laboratory is designed with multiple kinds of quantum hardware, which will be used to demonstrate distributed quantum processing and communication protocols. The program integrates engineering, computing, and physics expertise to achieve HQAN’s scientific, technology, and education goals. The HQAN center also includes workforce development initiatives that will inspire and train students who will contribute to the future quantum technology and innovation ecosystem.

Hybrid Quantum Architectures and Networks

Elevating Quantum Leaders

In 1900, physicist Max Planck coined the term ‘quanta.’ In 2021, UChicago researchers sent, for the first time, entangled qubit states through a communication cable linking one quantum network node to a second node. In 2023, UChicago partnered with the University of Tokyo, IBM, and Google to further quantum research, develop the quantum workforce, and to work toward the delivery of a 100,000-qubit supercomputer system by 2033. We are taking quantum into the future, and we’re inviting you to join us.


Super Quantum Computer.

"Develop the skills important to working in the field"

Our quantum courses give students the opportunity to learn about the physics behind quantum information science and the possible career pathways in the quantum field—and to develop the skills important to working in the field that maybe they already have.

Hannes Bernien, Quantum Course Instructor