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Certificate Program in Quantum Engineering and Technology

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Opportunities in Quantum Science

55 %

of thirty quantum industry companies surveyed stated that they have provided additional training to new hires. 

65 %

of thirty quantum industry companies surveyed found hiring quantum information science employees challenging. 

About The Chicago Quantum Exchange

The Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE) is an intellectual hub and community of researchers with the common goal of advancing academic and industrial efforts in the science and engineering of quantum information across CQE members, partners, and our region. The hub aims to promote the exploration of quantum information technologies and the development of new applications. The CQE facilitates interactions between research groups of its member and partner institutions and provides an avenue for developing and fostering collaborations, joint projects, and information exchange.

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Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME) building

About The Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering

The Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering applies molecular-level science to the design of advanced devices, processes, and technologies. Organized by interdisciplinary research themes, we seek to develop solutions to important societal issues and to educate the next generation of leaders in the fast-growing field of molecular engineering.

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