Update on Return to Campus

About Us

Serving those who seek challenges since 1890.

At the University of Chicago, we have a particular affinity for people who boldly pursue continual growth in unconventional ways. That’s because our first President, William Rainey Harper, made the idea of expanding access to post-undergraduate education a part of the University’s original mandate.

Designing Your Future Together

We know pursuing educational opportunities can place demands on already-busy lives. Whether it's learning a new skill to advance your career, or diving into dedicated study for a degree in a subject that fuels your curiosity about life, our goal is to create an ideal environment for you to achieve your goals.

Transforming Thinkers Into Leaders

We prepare every student to be collaborative and effective problem solvers, no matter where their paths take them, by applying the Chicago Approach to education – a method of critical inquiry centered on open debate and putting theory into practice, that permeates all aspect's of the University's learning experience.

Building a Global Community

We work with people and organizations throughout Chicago and around the world, with innovative courses available remotely and on our campuses in London, Paris, New Delhi, Beijing, and Hong Kong.

Connecting You to Divisions and Schools Across the University

Our programs draw on deep and diverse faculty expertise across university departments.