Hear from UChicago students, alumni, and faculty about what makes our approach to professional education unique.

Leading Through Crisis

Vulnerability might be the most important part of establishing employee trust

Conscious Leadership and Team Management

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    The Global Bridge classroom

    Beyond the Zoom Classroom

    The University of Chicago adopts Global Bridge technology for remote learning

    Emergency Management in OrganizationsProject Management Strategy

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    John Waller

    Let Him In

    Even future executives sometimes need help with their business school applications

    Graduate Student-at-Large: Business

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    Taif Alshakir

    Testing the Bridge to the Future

    A busy family man found the perfect graduate program—but could he commit?

    Master of Science in Biomedical InformaticsGraduate Student-at-Large

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    Anna Bladley

    Problem Solved

    A pre-med student becomes a Graduate Student-At-Large and sets off on a new career path.

    Graduate Student-at-Large

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    Stephanie Marszalek

    Tools for Transforming Healthcare

    A former ICU nurse and MScBMI grad sees the universal relevance of informatics.

    Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics

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    Data Analytics instructor Anish Gera

    An Inquisitive Mindset

    Data Analytics for Business instructor Anish Gera explains how his classes can help professionals meet challenges

    Data Analytics for Business Professionals

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    Master of Science in Analytics icon

    Best in Show

    The Spring 2021 Capstone Showcase spotlights leading-edge analytic solutions

    Master of Science in Analytics

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    Ravichandran Natarajan

    Future-Fit Your Business for the Digital Age

    Let UChicago show you how to build and lead an AI-driven organization

    Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for LeadersMaster of Science in Threat and Response Management

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    Neel McNeel

    Community Theater

    An arts administrator uses her social sector leadership skills to establish a theater company in Woodlawn.

    Master of Arts in Social Work, Social Policy, and Social Administration

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    uchicago medicine

    Two Pandemics

    A discussion series brings to light the disparate impact of COVID-19

    Master of Liberal Arts

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    Thomas Lu

    Gut Check

    A gastroenterologist discovers unknown risks in a commonly prescribed drug combination

    Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics

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    Griffin Thompson

    How Renewable Energy Fosters Democracy

    By leaving fossil fuels behind, the stage is set for greater justice and equity.

    Master of Science in Threat and Response Management