Sharpening Your Job Interview Skills

Join the Professional Development Certificate program and Brian Campbell from GRADTalk as they disclose exclusive details on how to nail your next interview.

Jun 07
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About the Event

Join the Professional Development Certificate programs and Brian Campbell from GRADTalk to learn how you can sharpen your job interview skills. This webinar will introduce several strategies to help you succeed in your next interview. We will work on mastering your self-introduction and communicating your strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, we will discuss how to explain career gaps and translate your academic background and skillset to employers.

Speaking at the event

Brian Campbell Headshot.

Brian Campbell

Assistant Director, GRADTalk

Brian Campbell is the Assistant Director of GRADTalk, advising graduate students and postdocs on interviewing, job talk preparation, and public speaking. He organizes events that enable graduate students and postdocs to communicate their research to broader audiences. Brian earned a PhD in U.S. History from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

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