Secure foundational editing skills while learning about the latest trends and technologies to prepare for a successful publishing career.

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9 months to 3 years
$1,300 per course
$6,500 for certificate

The University of Chicago’s professional development certificate in Editing uses the Chicago Manual of Style as the foundation for developing the skills needed to enter the publishing industry or to advance the careers of current editing professionals in nine to twenty-four months, part-time. The online program with synchronous sessions focuses on building technical skills with instruction covering all levels of editing and marketing tools impacting the publishing industry. ​​The program is enhanced through connections with the University of Chicago Press, with its editors among the instructors in the program.

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Designed to prepare individuals to enter the publishing industry and to help current editing professionals build skills and knowledge for career advancement.

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Certificate in Editing Curriculum

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Learn with Leaders in Editing

Since 1906, the University has published The Chicago Manual of Style, an authoritative resource in the publishing industry. Now in its 17th edition, The Chicago Manual of Style is the required text for the Editing Certificate.

Editing Career Outlook

Amidst the rise of social media, e-readers, and online content, digital-savvy graduates looking to shape the future of publishing can choose from a bevy of possible career paths, including editorial, production, publicity, and marketing. Having technical and digital proficiency offers editors a tremendous advantage in a digital-first landscape.

Potential Job Titles for Editing Students

  • Acquisitions Editor

  • Assignment Editor

  • Assistant/Associate Editor

  • Development Editor

  • Editorial Assistant

  • Managing Editor

Potential Salary for Editing Careers

$ 61 k

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, editors earn an average annual salary of $61,370 and an average hourly wage of $29.50.

This course has supported my established philosophy of editing and helped me build my knowledge base. I have always believed that an editor’s job is to enhance and improve the author’s words without commandeering the manuscript. The Editing certificate reinforced that belief, and has given me some additional tools in my arsenal so that I can better serve the author. I now know how to explain why an error is wrong, not just that it sounds weird.

Christine Parker, Editing Student and Book Editor

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