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36 Weeks
$180 Intro Course
$17,800 Bootcamp

Get the technical skills, tactical knowledge, and career support you need to enter the cybersecurity field.

There is an unprecedented demand for qualified cybersecurity professionals to protect the amazing volume of sensitive information online. The growing field of cybersecurity offers practitioners a chance to help others, thwart hackers, and find work across a vast range of roles and industries.

In thirty-six weeks of guided learning, practical labs, and simulated cyberattacks with expert instructors, the University of Chicago Cybersecurity Bootcamp gives you a rock-solid foundation in cybersecurity concepts, best practices, and current technologies. Our program also helps you gain skills applicable to industry certifications. In addition to the core curriculum, we offer targeted classes in network and systems security, vulnerability assessment, risk mitigation, ethical hacking, and more.

Designed For

Designed for those looking to start a career in tech as well as for tech professionals who want to work in cybersecurity.

A Well-Rounded Tech Education

Whether you need beginner-level courses or an immersive way to update your current tech skills, our bootcamp delivers an expansive but detailed introduction to the field using UChicago’s innovative approach to online education.

In four phases of project-based learning, you will:

* This program is not a certification test preparation program. Certification exams are not conducted as part of the curriculum and require an additional fee.

** Students must have a minimum of one year of cumulative work experience in one or more of the seven domains of the SSCP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) in order to be certified.

4-week introductory Cybersecurity course

We offer a stand-alone Introductory Course to let you make an informed decision about enrolling in the University of Chicago Cybersecurity Bootcamp. Test-drive the structure and pacing of our program while learning cybersecurity fundamentals and receiving one-on-one attention from our expert instructors. At the end of the course, you take a summary exam to assess your skills and determine if the cybersecurity field is right for you.

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Real Cybersecurity Career Support

Our bootcamp comes equipped with a dedicated career services team to provide interview coaching, job-placement assistance, resume and LinkedIn help, access to hiring partners, and more. Throughout the program, you can schedule one-on-one coaching sessions designed to evolve your personal brand as you increase your skills. Upon completion of the bootcamp, our career services team will help you pinpoint the best roles for your unique goals and help you in your job search.

Cybersecurity Bootcamp Program Structure

The Cybersecurity Bootcamp is divided into four phases. All students begin with the Introductory Course where they are introduced to networking and network security fundamentals, security on Linux and Microsoft platforms, offensive security, threats and threat actors, and more. If you wish to further develop your knowledge, you will move on to the bootcamp which covers three phases: Fundamentals, Cybersecurity Infrastructure, and Advanced Cybersecurity. Each phase of the bootcamp is broken down into comprehensive lessons.

  • Learning Format: Live-Online Classes, Held on Evenings
  • Program Duration: 36 Weeks | 4 Week Introductory Course | 32-Week bootcamp program
  • Tuition: We enroll our students in an introductory course for $180. If you decide to continue with the online Cybersecurity Bootcamp, your tuition will be an additional $17,800, or $17,980 in total.

Ready to Start Your Career?

Career Benefits

A significant challenge faced by companies today is finding qualified professionals to fill open cybersecurity positions. Industries across the private sector, government agencies, and infrastructure are all in need of employees skilled in securing data and preventing breaches.

In fact, the overall U.S. tech sector workforce is expected to grow at twice the rate of the rest of the national labor market, with cybersecurity projected as the second-fastest growing employment sector.

3 x

Job openings for cybersecurity positions have grown 3x faster than the overall IT industry.

33 %

Employment in cybersecurity is projected to grow 33% from 2020 to 2030.

3.5 m

Projected number of cybersecurity job openings globally through 2025: 3.5 million

Cybersecurity career paths

Our part-time, online program features a research-backed curriculum designed to open the door to multiple career options, including:

  • Cyber Network Defender: Test, implement, and deploy infrastructure-related hardware and software while responding to crisis situations and reducing potential threats. 
  • Cybersecurity Analyst: Stay one step ahead of cyberattacks. Monitor systems to prevent data breaches and be quick on your feet to secure systems in the event of one.
  • IT Security Manager: Be the gatekeeper of an organization’s IT infrastructure. Monitor, maintain, and implement security tools and protocols.
  • Network Security Administrator: Eliminate threats and secure any weaknesses with protection strategies that ensure network-wide security.
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) Technician: Proactively monitor critical network elements and maintain a company’s technical infrastructure. 
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst: Stop system-wide threats, assess safety measures, and determine ways to improve overall security. 
  • Vulnerability Assessment Analyst: Proactively identify vulnerabilities within applications and systems to stop future attacks.
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Earn the knowledge, confidence, and skills needed to protect people’s privacy, money, and vital information.

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