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This course, delivered in a live, executive format that maximizes your time with your instructor and peers, is designed for decision-makers to think critically about adopting AI for cybersecurity within their organizations. Participants will develop the knowledge and skills they need to ask the right questions, lead their organization’s strategy, and deploy solutions without creating new risks.

AI is Revolutionizing Cybersecurity—Learn to Safeguard Your Business With This Online Course

In this course, you will learn about how AI works and its extraordinary potential for cybersecurity. You will learn what it truly takes to deploy AI tools for cybersecurity in your business, including how to mitigate potential dangers to privacy and security that adopting any AI solution may introduce. In this course, you will also explore the future of the field and develop the knowledge you need today to remain competitive tomorrow, even as organizations change, technologies evolve, and new threats emerge.

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This course is an excellent fit for senior managers, executives, and board members tasked with spearheading AI integration within their organizations, as well as professionals involved in digital transformation initiatives.

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AI-Powered Cybersecurity for Leaders Curriculum 

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the fundamental principles and the state of the fields of AI, machine learning, and cybersecurity.
  • Articulate common cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities and different mitigation strategies.
  • Identify key applications of AI and machine learning to meet cybersecurity challenges.
  • Assess and manage potential risks or hazards associated with AI adoption. 
  • Integrate consideration of AI into developing business requirements and cybersecurity controls.
  • Explain and develop strategies to take advantage of the disruptions and AI brings to cybersecurity.

Online AI-Powered Cybersecurity for Leaders Course Format

  • Two weeks in length
  • Four, ninety-minute live sessions
  • Supplementary self-paced asynchronous content

Live Session Topics

Our first session helps you become familiar with the language of AI and machine learning. We will examine the latest developments—both the hype and the reality—and describe the real value that AI can provide for your organization. Next, we will survey the current AI landscape and general trends that led there. We will formulate practical questions about data provenance, reliability, and motivations. Finally, you will explore the essential resources and teams you and your organization need to adopt AI effectively.

This session begins by identifying the most common types of cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Then, we will distinguish between AI and conventional solutions for managing cyber risk. We will explain the major possibilities of AI applications for cybersecurity, including pattern and anomaly detection.  We will also develop criteria for ensuring actionable outcomes from AI tools.

Our third session explores the factors that can impact rolling out and scaling AI-powered cybersecurity solutions. We will identify critical landmines in implementations and develop mitigation strategies, including those to address biases, privacy, and hallucinations. The session also assesses the resources involved in implementing and scaling a solution, such as energy and computational capacity requirements. Finally, you will develop metrics for success and ask incisive questions of implementation teams to assess progress.

Here, we will describe the major breakthroughs in AI that may affect organizations’ cybersecurity in the short to medium term. We will develop a framework for monitoring and assessing advances in AI-powered cybersecurity generally—both the new affordances they may offer and the new risks they may introduce. You will also explore how emerging forms of AI-powered cybersecurity may transform organizations’ workforces.

Earn a Credential in AI-Powered Cybersecurity

After successful completion of this course, participants will receive credentials certified by the University of Chicago including a digital badge to recognize their achievement.

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Meet Your Instructor

Benjamin Blakely, PhD

Benjamin Blakely, PhD

Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity Intelligence Researcher at...

Benjamin Blakely leads Argonne National Laboratory’s Applied Research group in the Strategic Security Sciences division. He has over twenty years of operations, research, and teaching experience in the private, public, and education sectors. 

Blakely earned his PhD and BSc degrees from Iowa State...

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AI-Driven Cybersecurity Industry Outlook

The promises of artificial intelligence (AI) for business include increased efficiencies and effectiveness—along with disruption across industries and domains. This holds especially true for cybersecurity and organizational risk management, where responsible AI deployment is pivotal. As AI technologies become integral to business models, an effective and innovative cybersecurity stance has turned into a competitive edge. Good cyber strategy has a cascading impact beyond any business’s four walls–customers, partners, vendors, and other stakeholders can all be impacted by a cyber incident.

61 %

The percentage of surveyed C-suite executives that say they are actively using generative AI business tools.

21.9 %

The position of generative AI among technologies most likely to impact business significantly.

35 %

The increase in shares of global English-language job postings related to AI technologies such as GPT or ChatGPT since November 2022.

Potential career paths in AI-Powered Cybersecurity

  • AI Cybersecurity Analyst
  • AI Cybersecurity Solutions Architect
  • AI Cybersecurity Strategist
  • AI Security Consultant
  • AI Security Engineer
  • AI Security Operations Specialist
  • AI Threat Analyst
  • AI-Driven Threat Intelligence Analyst
  • Cyber AI Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Data Scientist
  • Deep Learning Cybersecurity Specialist
  • Machine Learning Security Researcher

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