Intermediate Manuscript Editing

Course Code:
5 weeks

Following the Basic Manuscript Editing course (or equivalent relevant professional experience), students practice editing longer texts to become familiar with the process of copy editing, learning how to approach a project and how to read like an editor. While the focus remains on mechanics, as defined by The Chicago Manual of Style, some discussion of substantive editing is included. The course explores the different ways that “style” guides editorial tasks and offers exposure to text elements such as subheads, references, and notes. The idea of “consistency” is a main theme. Students will begin writing author queries designed to guide a successful author/editor relation. Topics include practicing basic copy editing, determining different levels of copy editing, working with the author’s voice and writing queries, the fundamentals of handling documentation, creating a project style sheet, maintaining consistency, and choosing resources. Intermediate Manuscript Editing is a required course for students enrolled in the Editing certificate.