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Find your intellectual destination with advanced study in the fields of applied science, business and leadership, liberal arts, social good, and healthcare.

A Master’s degree from the University of Chicago represents not just a credential from a leading research university but a gateway to a diverse academic community. For over 125 years, our culture of inquiry and analysis has created breakthroughs across the fields of medicine, applied sciences, policy, business, social work, religion, law, and the liberal arts.

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Students at the University are among the brightest minds in their respective areas of interest and our rigorous approach prepares students for success throughout the duration of their professional lives. 

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Master of Science in Analytics icon

Get ready for what's next in data science with rigorous classes, expert instructors, leading-edge technology, and an unparalleled network of industry professionals.

Applied Science | Full-time | Part-time | In-person
MScA Online icon

Leverage the latest tools in data analytics with our online data science master's degree. The online program gives you maximum flexibility, while broadening your network of peers.

Applied Science | Full-time | Part-time | Online
Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics icon

Gain knowledge of healthcare industry information systems and the skills to guide large informatics projects in clinical and research settings.

Applied Science | Healthcare | Full-time | Part-time | In-person
Master of Science in Financial Mathematics icon

Level up in quantitative and computational finance, with a modern and multidisciplinary approach to the ever-evolving financial markets.

Applied Science | Business and Management | Full-time | Part-time | In-person
Master of Science in Threat and Response Management icon

Merging real-life crisis scenarios with leading academic research to educate professionals in all aspects of the emergency management lifecycle.

Business and Management | Social Good | Part-time | Hybrid