Master of Arts in Computational Social Science

Use the latest innovations in machine learning, statistical inference, and large data analysis to engage big questions about our social world.

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Master's Confers Alumni Status
2 years Full-time

Our two-year MA in Computational Social Science will give you the ability to apply cutting edge technologies and statistical techniques to data sets that are orders of magnitude larger than social science investigators can normally access.

For those new to computational methods, this is a chance to develop the tools necessary to make new and exciting contributions, tools that will shape the originality and power of your work for years to come. Depending on your field, that could mean problems of memory formation, language use, knowledge networks, changing historical patterns in the distribution of material and cultural objects, the conditions under which social movements succeed or fail, or how partisan identification shapes social and economic behavior.

Designed For

Designed for students with interests in quantitative or social scientific research. We expect most of our Computation students to go on for PhD study in their chosen social science discipline.

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