Master of Arts Program in the Humanities

Focus on one discipline or explore interdisciplinary topics that will prepare you for further graduate study or a career in your area of interest.

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Master's Confers Alumni Status
1 year Full-time

The Master of Arts Program in the Humanities (MAPH) is a rigorous, one-year graduate program that allows students to focus within a specific academic discipline, such as Art History or English, or to explore their interdisciplinary interests. Our students refine their intellectual ideas throughout the year, culminating in a master’s thesis supervised by a faculty member.

By selecting elective coursework and completing a thesis in one particular academic field, MAPH can function like an MA program in a specific discipline—an MA in English Literature, for example. Other students take a more interdisciplinary path, opting to combine courses throughout the Humanities Division with other academic divisions. With good reason, students can instead take eight courses and complete an additional assignment rather than writing a thesis.

A newly-designed (MAPH TLO) has been introduced for students who require extensive language skills that exceed MAPH’s traditional one-year curriculum. This language component is ideal for students who are interested in translation studies, need advanced proficiency for admission to a PhD program, or would like to pursue language study to enhance their academic work. TLO students must begin language study at the intermediate level or higher in at least one language.

Designed For

Designed for students who wish to continue their studies in a PhD program, enter a new professional field, or return to their current career with more developed writing and research skills.

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