Master of Arts in Religious Studies

Focus in one area or gain broad understanding of the field of religion, from religious traditions to the theories and methods that underpin its study.

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Master's Confers Alumni Status
1 year Full-time

Students from a variety of professions pursue the A.M.R.S. degree. You will focus your coursework in one or more of the Divinity School’s eleven areas of study, as well as taking advantage of related coursework available across the University, such as courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences Divisions.

The program requires nine courses and can be completed in one concentrated year of study or, since there is no residence requirement, you can study part-time over as many as three academic years. Tuition is charged on a per course basis, making this option attractive for active professionals who must balance their studies with a busy career.

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Designed for professionals in diverse fields such as law, medicine, business, journalism, or the arts, as well as students who simply seek a deeper understanding of the academic study of religion.

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Offered by The University of Chicago's Divinity School

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