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Drive innovation, attract and retain top talent, and enhance your organizational goals and vision.

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At UChicago, we understand business.

Our innovative and customizable professional education programs will encourage discovery, inquiry, and career development, providing you with a skilled and agile workforce. We will also help you reach your organizational goals, giving you a competitive edge.

Our program team meets with your managers and executives to develop learning experiences that are targeted to your unique employee groups and support your strategic plan, closing the gap between where your workforce is and where it needs to be.

Partnership journey

Consult • Innovate • Activate • Evaluate

Our skilled team will collaborate and guide you through a four-step process:

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1. Consult

To deliver a superior educational experience that advances your employees and your strategic plan, we first consult with you to identify organizational aims and the precise skills and knowledge your employees need to work toward them. This is a critical step to ensure alignment among your company’s big-picture goals, employee learning outcomes, and the overall educational experience. Better understanding your organizational ecosystem will ensure this workforce development partnership complements other initiatives.

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2. Innovate

When we engineer your learning experience, we ask the questions that will lead to the most productive outcomes. Where and how can transformative learning take place? What instructors have the right industry experience? What exercises, assessments, and group discussions will best stimulate and encourage learning? What real-world simulations can best prepare employees for situations they will encounter and fill in knowledge gaps?

Our instructional designers, faculty, and staff work with stakeholders in your organization to develop transformative and relevant learning experiences, not one-off activities that are quickly forgotten. We develop opportunities for robust dialogue, innovative coursework, and personalized feedback—a signature of UChicago Professional Education teaching and learning.

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3. Activate

Once the program is engineered by our highly skilled instructional design team, it is time to deliver the learning experience to your employees. Our expert instructors engage participants using the latest research in the field, case studies, simulations, and assessments to help them develop and activate new knowledge and skills that they can go on to leverage in the workplace. We ensure the information they receive is engaging, interactive, and relevant to your company’s goals.

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4. Evaluate

Thirty to sixty days after a program ends, we return to the stakeholders you identify for a comprehensive evaluation of how well individual learners achieved their goals and of your organization’s return on investment. We collaborate with you to extract insights on the program’s success and make any necessary adjustments to evolve the program. We repeat this evaluation cycle each time the course runs, until you are satisfied that the program bridges the gap between your skill-development needs and organizational objectives.

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A partnership that elevates your success

Our multi-pronged approach, led by industry experts, brings continuing education to your organization that attracts and retains top talent, provides the skills your workforce needs to meet organizational objectives, and helps create the competitive edge your business needs to stand out and move forward.

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Customizable programs that help you retain and attract top-tier employees

A few of our featured courses designed by world-renowned experts in their fields:

* Can be taken as a standalone course, or as part of the Data Science noncredit certificate program.

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Case Studies and Custom Programs

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