Fact Checking for Editors

Learn vital fact-checking strategies for editors in the digital age. Join our editing webinar to enhance accuracy in manuscripts—essential skills for today's writers and editors.

Mar 20
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About the Event

In an age when so many writers rely on secondary or tertiary sources, unverified websites, and artificial intelligence to help create manuscripts, how can editors ensure that texts are accurate? Many editors—from copy editors to developmental editors—provide limited fact-checking services while editing. This typically takes the form of verifying names, dates, and places. But what about verifying facts related to history or current events? To data and statistics? To scientific or medical findings? This webinar will discuss why fact-checking is more important than ever, as well as share a broad overview of which editorial points should be verified and steps to ensure accuracy in a manuscript.

Speaking at the event

Kelli Christiansen headshot.

Kelli Christiansen, BA

President, bibliobibuli professional editorial services, inc.

Kelli Christiansen has spent more than two decades in publishing, as a bookseller, an editor, a literary agent, and a writer. She began her career with B. Dalton Bookseller (a division of Barnes & Noble) before becoming a journalist for a chain of suburban Chicago newspapers. She then served as an...

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