Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Leaders

Learn the latest AI and data science technologies, tools, and best practices to become a better leader.

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Professional Education
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Learn about the current trends in data science and machine learning from industry insiders. 

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The eight-week Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science for Leaders program at the University of Chicago is designed to future-fit your business for the digital age. Learn about statistical inference, machine learning, and emerging technologies to smoothly integrate AI into your organization and optimize the way your employees work with machines.

Designed For

Designed for managers and leaders across different industries who want to increase their understanding of AI and those that work with technical teams, analytics groups, and others who leverage data science to create value. Managers seeking to build and lead an AI-driven organization will also benefit from this program.

More and more companies are making use of AI as a way of increasing productivity. But what exactly is AI and why is it so important for today’s organizations? Our program will teach you to distinguish between the myths and opportunities that data science presents for your business with statistical inference and machine learning, as well as emerging tools such as auto machine learning and AI.

After completing the program, you will be able to: 

  • Create a strategy for your organization that makes use of AI to accomplish business goals
  • Build a team for success in an AI world
  • Choose the best areas for early stage development, and understand how to scale AI solutions
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Is your company future-fit?

Learn how the AI and Data Science for Leaders certificate program can bring your company to the next level.

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The courses are designed to introduce you to the range of new data science and artificial intelligence technologies and tools. You will learn to: 

  • Identify new skills necessary for your business
  • Develop a strategic plan to manage change within your team, function, or organization
  • Identify the risks and rewards of new data science projects

Program Structure

  • Eight weeks in length
  • Weekly, self-paced interactive learning modules and assignments are time-sensitive and should be completed by the set deadlines
  • Synchronous sessions and live question and answer sessions 
  • Mentors to provide continuous support and encourage a dynamic and positive learning environment

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Today’s dynamic work environment requires leaders who can consistently innovate, make data-driven decisions, and inspire others to perform. Whether you’re in policy, marketing or management, learn ways to spark change wherever you go.

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