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Launch, pivot, or accelerate your career through a broad variety of certificate programs.

Drawing on resources and talent from one of the world’s great universities, our certificate programs provide exceptional academic and real-world opportunities for a wide range of professionals.

As industries evolve, so do our certificates. Taught by seasoned industry professionals, our instructors continually build upon our curriculum so our students stay current with today’s ever-changing demands.

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Upgrade Your Skills, Your Network, and Your Career

Our certificates are rigorous in nature and provide students with the opportunity to dive deeply into their areas of interest and to broaden their skills. Students who enroll in certificate programs enjoy similar benefits of being connected to the University: camaraderie with fellow classmates, engaging with expert instructors, and joining an alumni community. 

Stackable Certificate Training Options

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Medical communication is a growing industry with many in-demand professional skills requiring special training. UChicago has built stackable medical writing certificate options to provide you with more extensive and accessible education. This unique opportunity offers a comprehensive portfolio of certificates composed of separate, field-recognized segments including: Clinical Trials Management, Medical Writing and Editing, Regulatory Writing, and now Healthcare Communications. This system addresses a demand for professional development with stackable knowledge blocks that meet the educational needs of a diverse segment of learners with varied levels of professional experience. Get started on your medical writing journey at an elite university.

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Non-Credit Certificates

Non-Credit Certificate Program in Conscious Leadership and Team Management

Learn how accurate self-assessment can improve your conscious leadership skills and encourage strong team dynamics and performance.

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