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Delivered in a live, executive format that maximizes your time with your instructor and peers, this course teaches you to think critically and systematically about the value and risk of generative AI in business.

Craft, Execute, and Scale Generative AI Projects That Will Transform Your Business

Course topics weave in-depth understanding of this technology together with real-world business cases in four pivotal areas where generative AI excels—customer service automation and personalization, supply chain management, marketing and sales, and engineering support.

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Designed for professionals who want to think critically about leveraging generative AI to accelerate productivity, streamline operations, ignite creativity, drive innovation, optimize investments, and elevate customer satisfaction in their organizations.

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Is Your Organization Ready to Thrive in the AI Era?

Discover how our Generative AI for Business course can empower your team members to focus on more strategic and creative work.

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Generative AI for Business Curriculum 

After completing the Generative AI for Business course, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate the business case for adopting generative AI in a range of domains, including marketing, supply chain, customer service, and engineering.
  • Evaluate whether generative AI is a viable solution in a variety of business contexts.
  • Develop your own roadmap for incorporating generative AI within your organization, including milestones, performance measurements, a resourcing plan, and a risk-mitigation strategy.
  • After successful completion of this course, participants will receive a credential certified by the University of Chicago.

Online Generative AI for Business Course Format

  • Two weeks in length.
  • Four, ninety-minute live sessions.
  • Supplementary self-paced asynchronous content.

Live session topics

Describe the general challenges and opportunities that data, data science, and AI present leaders across organizations and industries and identify where in your own organization there may be opportunities for strong data science leadership. Understand the diversity of roles required for data science teams to be effective and how they work together.

Learn the five key variables that determine a company's success. You will have the opportunity to hone your business and financial acumen by identifying and analyzing economic data from sample financial documents. To conclude, we will discuss how to estimate the economic value of a data science project.

Explore the economic drivers of a business, understand approaches in the continuous development of business acumen, and  learn how to conduct an economic value estimation.

Learn to distinguish among the major subdisciplines and trends in the machine learning landscape and to describe various techniques and use cases for supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning. You will also learn to identify the ML approaches that would be most promising for your own business problems.

Meet Your Instructor

Patrick McQuillan, UChicago instructor

Patrick McQuillan, MBA

Founder and Subject Matter Expert, Jericho Consulting

Patrick McQuillan is passionate about data as a tool for change and decision-making. He has held leadership roles, most recently as the Global Head of Data Governance and Operational Effectiveness at Wayfair. Previously, he led international consulting teams to drive AI strategy and technology...

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Generative AI Industry Outlook

As a tool of infinite capabilities, generative AI’s potential is poised to revolutionize whole industries. Already transforming the way we create art, music, and content, this cutting-edge technology is disrupting education, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, product development, and more. The leaders of tomorrow will be those who understand generative AI's potential today, successfully leveraging it to their organizations' competitive advantage. Learning to adapt and embrace generative AI will help you navigate a rapidly expanding job market that requires skills in this emerging technology.

25 %

The percentage of surveyed C-suite executives that say they are actively using generative AI business tools.

# 1

The position of generative AI among technologies most likely to impact business significantly.

21 x

The increase in shares of global English-language job postings related to AI technologies such as GPT or ChatGPT since November 2022.

Potential job titles for Leaders with Artificial Intelligence and Data Science skills

  • AI Art Director (Generative Techniques)
  • AI Content Creator/Writer
  • AI Developer (Generative Models)
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Experience Developer (Generative AI)
  • Creative AI Artist/Designer
  • Data Scientist (Virtual Modeling)
  • Deep Learning Specialist (Generative Algorithms)
  • Generative AI Consultant
  • Generative AI Ethicist/Ethics Analyst
  • Generative AI Product Manager
  • Generative Model Architect
  • Inventory Manager
  • Logistics/Transportation Manager
  • Machine Learning Engineer (Generative AI)
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer (Generative AI)
  • Sourcing Manager
  • Supply Chain Project Manager
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Experience Developer (Generative AI)

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