Non-Credit Certificate Program in Healthcare Communications

Earn a professional certificate in Healthcare Communications from a top-ranked research university. Learn from leaders in the field. Study online, full- or part-time. Join the UChicago community and experience the difference.

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6 months to 3 years
$1,600 per course
$4,800 for certificate

Introducing Our New Online Healthcare Communications Certificate

We're thrilled to introduce our latest endeavor: the certificate program in Healthcare Communications. In today rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, effective communication is paramount. That's why we've curated a comprehensive online program designed to empower professionals like you with the skills and insights needed to excel in healthcare communication roles. This three-course program is now open for registration.

Designed For

A variety of careers including healthcare professionals; medical writers; PR and marketing professionals; health educators; healthcare administrators; journalists and media professionals; pharmaceutical and medical device representatives; and researchers and academics.

Why Health Communication is Important

The healthcare industry is in a constant state of change. It needs skilled writers to adapt swiftly and know how to speak to a variety of audiences across verticals. Health communications professionals write for patient and public health information materials; clarify misinformation about health and disease; work toward increasing health literacy; help level out inequalities in healthcare; and provide effective, user-friendly data visualization to convey key messages. Learn the skills you need to specialize in this growing field with an online Healthcare Communications certificate from the University of Chicago Professional Education.

What sets our health communications program apart

  • Expert Instructors: Learn from seasoned industry experts and esteemed instructors renowned for their years of expertise in medical writing and healthcare communication. Benefit from their real-world insights and stay ahead of industry trends.
  • Cutting-Edge Curriculum: Our carefully crafted curriculum covers a spectrum of topics, including health literacy, crisis communication, digital media strategies, and ethical considerations. Gain practical knowledge that you can apply immediately in your professional role.
  • Experiential Learning: Engage in dynamic discussions, case studies, and interactive synchronous sessions. Collaborate with peers, participate in role-playing exercises, and enhance your communication skills through hands-on activities.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse group of professionals from various healthcare sectors. Build valuable connections among instructors, industry employers, and like-minded participants that can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations to your medical writing career.
  • Flexible Learning: Balancing work, life, and education is challenging. That's why our certificate program in healthcare communications offers a flexible online format with synchronous sessions, allowing you to study at your own pace and convenience.

Students in the certificate program also benefit from:

  • Advising services
  • Direct instructional time 
  • Coaching services 
  • Career services
  • Extracurricular events
  • Access to UChicago resources

Earn a Credential in Healthcare Communications

After successful completion of this certificate, participants will receive credentials certified by the University of Chicago including a certificate of completion to recognize their achievement.

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Choose a Career in Healthcare Communications

Join the Expanding Field of Healthcare Communications

Embark on a transformative educational journey that will sharpen your medical technical writing skills, elevate your career, and make a meaningful impact in specialized medical communications. Our online certificate in Healthcare Communications offers rigor, experiential learning, and a curriculum that builds a solid work portfolio. Learn about best practices and guidelines in drafting state-of-the-art communication in three leading healthcare areas, including:

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Writing for Patient Education

Offers a framework for creating materials that patients, families, and caregivers can use. Explore the various formats of patient information, evaluate real-world examples, and create your own portfolio samples.

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Writing for Healthcare Advertising

Offers a deep dive into the role medical writers play in the conceptualization and development of digital and printed medical and healthcare marketing materials. Apply the principles of medical copywriting through several assignments and the production of marketing materials for use in your work portfolio.

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Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals

Provides an overview of non-accredited and accredited continuing medical education through the lens of current clinical education content in the evolving healthcare landscape. The course requires the creation of a clinical audience work portfolio.

To get started, contact our advising team or sign up to learn more for upcoming program and course information. If you are ready to take the next step, you can complete our enrollment form to be considered for the Healthcare Communication certificate or register for one course to test drive our program.

Who should enroll

  • Healthcare Professionals: Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers can enhance their communication skills to better interact with patients, colleagues, and stakeholders.
  • Medical Writers: Individuals involved in writing medical content, such as research papers, medical reports, or patient information materials, can refine their skills to convey complex information clearly and accurately.
  • Public Relations and Marketing Professionals: PR and marketing experts working in healthcare organizations can learn specialized communication strategies tailored for the healthcare industry.
  • Health Educators: Professionals involved in educating others about health topics can benefit from learning effective communication methods to engage and inform their audience.
  • Healthcare Administrators: Managers and administrators in healthcare facilities can develop communication skills necessary for effective team management and collaboration.
  • Journalists and Media Professionals: Journalists reporting on healthcare topics can gain a deeper understanding of medical terminology and issues, enabling them to communicate complex healthcare stories effectively.
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Representatives: Sales and marketing representatives in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries can improve their communication skills to engage healthcare professionals and customers.
  • Students and Aspiring Professionals: Those aspiring to work in healthcare communications, public health, or related fields can gain foundational knowledge and skills to kick-start their careers.

Build Your Career in Health Communications

The healthcare system has become more complex. With advancements in technology, medical innovation, increased policies, and a higher demand for wellness and preventative care, the need for skilled health communicators has surged. These professionals must be able to analyze, interpret, and communicate complex health concepts to the average person across a wide range of platforms. From patient information to strategic communication efforts, the multidisciplinary Healthcare Communications certificate program at the University of Chicago offers training in the most prevalent specialized writings of health communications, patient education, promotional materials and advertising.

$ 14 b

Digital technology's impact on healthcare is substantial, reflected in a $14 billion venture funding for health tech innovators in 2020, with further growth anticipated.

12 %

Only 12 percent of adults have the skills to understand health information routinely available in healthcare facilities, retail outlets, and the media.

Expand Your Expertise—Dive into Our Stackable Healthcare Certificate Offerings

The new online Health Communications certificate expands on the experiential professional development opportunities that we offer via a comprehensive portfolio of stackable healthcare certificate training options in Medical Writing and Editing, Regulatory Writing, and Clinical Trials Management and Regulatory Compliance. This portfolio of competencies encompasses key specialty areas of the industry including publications, regulatory writing, marketing and public relations, health education, and writing for patients and the public.

Certificate in Medical Writing and Editing icon

Medical Writing Certificate

Master the fundamentals and best practices of medical writing.

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Certificate in Clinical Trials and Regulatory Compliance icon

Clinical Trials Management Certificate

Boost your foundational knowledge in clinical research.

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Regulatory Writing Program Icon

Regulatory Writing Certificate

Learn to write submissions to the FDA and other regulatory bodies.

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Bring Health Literacy to the Forefront of Medicine

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