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Wherever you are, learn with the University of Chicago. We now remotely deliver our world-class instruction and cutting-edge research to curious professionals across the globe.

Our online and hybrid programs and courses are designed to accommodate the location and learning style of every student. Each educational experience prioritizes critical thinking, robust discussion, and project-based learning.


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Online Learning

Our innovative remote format transcends the standard online learning experience by incorporating synchronous sessions such as simulations, case study group work, and networking, and asynchronous engagement with pre-recorded lectures. The remote learning experience is designed to help students achieve the same learning outcomes as in-person classes through collaborative and engaged learning.  


Hybrid Learning

In a hybrid format, some learning activities—such as full-class discussions with the instructor—will allow in-person and remote students to participate in the same activity concurrently and work together. At other times, students in different modalities may work separately: remote students will collaborate with other remote students, while in-person students will work with one another. 

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