Non-Credit Certificates | Online



Courses in the Editing certificate program are designed to prepare students to enter the publishing industry and to help current editing professionals build skills and knowledge for career advancement.

You will learn to: 

  • Describe and manage the publishing process and the role and responsibility of the copy editor
  • Master The Chicago Manual of Style as an editing tool
  • Develop strategies for approaching an editing or proofing project
  • Navigate and implement emergent marketing technologies

Editing certificate program structure

  • Four required courses and one elective course. Should you be interested in taking more electives than what is required for certificate completion, be sure to ask your program manager about the Alumni Scholarship.
  • Class sizes range from ten to twenty students per course
  • Students can complete the certificate in as little as three quarters

Remote learning format

  • Four to seven weeks course length
  • All remote courses start on a Monday with a full week of self-study activities in Canvas, our learning management system
  • Asynchronous learning and materials are time-sensitive and must be completed within required timeframes
  • Weekly, self-paced learning in Canvas leads to one synchronous session per week
  • When registering for a course, "Online self-paced" refers to the course's beginning and end dates, "Online fixed dates" refer to synchronous sessions.
  • Synchronous sessions are conducted through Zoom
  • Attendance to synchronous sessions is mandatory

Core courses

Four sequential core courses

Elective courses

One elective

Two people smiling at the camera during commencement. One student is holding a certificate.

Alumni Scholarship Program

Allows graduates of professional development certificate programs to receive a 20% scholarship on:

  • Any additional elective from the same certificate
  • Any single new certificate course that does not require a prerequisite
  • Any additional full certificate program: every course of the program
Contact Karine Bravais for more information