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Digital Marketing and Integrated Communications


The Digital Marketing and Integrated Communications certificate uses real-world marketing case studies and projects to reinforce the foundational marketing knowledge that will help our learners accelerate their marketing careers. This program is fully remote in order to meet the unique needs of every student’s schedule.

What Do Digital Marketing Students Learn?

  • Basic marketing principles, including brand awareness and development.
  • The organizational issues and practices of the marketing field.
  • To explore and leverage specialty areas, including marketing planning, brand development, advertising, digital marketing, social media, research, and public relations.

Digital Marketing Program Structure

  • Four required courses and two electives. Should you be interested in taking more electives than what is required for certificate completion, be sure to ask your program manager about the Alumni Scholarship.
  • Classes are taken remotely
  • Students can complete the certificate in as little as three quarters
  • Class sizes of ten to twenty students per course

Digital Marketing Course Structure

  • Six weeks course length
  • All courses start on a Monday with a full week of self-study activities in Canvas, our learning management system
  • Weekly self-paced learning and materials are time-sensitive and must be completed within required timeframes
  • Weekly, self-paced learning in Canvas leads to one synchronous session per week
  • Synchronous sessions are conducted through Zoom
  • Attendance to synchronous sessions is mandatory

Core Courses

Elective Courses

Two people smiling at the camera during commencement. One student is holding a certificate.

Alumni Scholarship Program

Allows graduates of professional development certificate programs to receive a 20% scholarship on:

  • Any additional elective from the same certificate
  • Any single new certificate course that does not require a prerequisite
  • Any additional full certificate program: every course of the program (application is required; fee will be waived)
Contact Karine Bravais for more information

Specialization Tracks

Students can choose a three-course specialization as part of the Digital Marketing and Integrated Communications certificate or as a series of specialized courses. Those interested only in these courses do not need to complete the application for the certificate program—specialized courses taken by themselves do not grant certificates, but will be noted in course transcripts. 

This track is designed to support the professional development of new and current students who wish to gain insights into market profiles, segmentation, and cultural competence communications.

By specializing in Inclusion Marketing, you will learn

  • To develop inclusive marketing practices and identify gaps in content development
  • To be mindful of inclusive materials and to produce culturally competent communications
  • To identify the channels and platforms used by diverse audiences and market profiles

This track is designed to support the professional development of new and current students who wish to apply data analytics to real-world marketing challenges. Students will learn to identify the right analytic and reliable data collection methods, tools, and visualization techniques to fit any marketing need.

Analytics Marketing courses will provide

  • New ways to monitor, measure, and improve the performance of digital marketing assets
  • A mastery of Google Analytics and advanced features in Google Sheets for marketing needs
  • Advanced training in cutting-edge tools that streamline the process of multimedia content creation and reporting