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Clinical Trials Management and Regulatory Compliance

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Why Earn a Clinical Trials Management Certificate at the University of Chicago?

Drawing on resources and talent from one of the world’s top-ranked universities, our professional development certificates provide exceptional opportunities for those seeking to advance in their careers while growing their professional network. As industries evolve, so do our certificates. Our instructors continually optimize our curriculum so our students stay current with technology and best practices. There are many additional benefits of pursuing a professional certificate, including:

  • Smaller Commitment, Higher Pay: Post-baccalaureate certificates are becoming increasingly desirable for students seeking to boost their skillset quickly. Forbes referenced data from the Institute for College Access and Success revealing the number of people who hold graduate certificates has increased by more than 50% since 2005—and expected to grow rapidly during the next few years.
  • Advancement Opportunities: In addition to the coursework, our programs offer instructional expertise, networking events, resume reviews, career advising sessions, and an extensive alumni community. If you find a career that you enjoy, deepening your understanding of your field by acquiring professional certificates can grant you the opportunity to advance your skills and fast-track your career.
  • Competitive UChicago Edge: Competition in your industry can be fierce, which is why our curriculum is designed to boost your skills quickly—in as little as nine months, part-time. You will gain the skills that will help you edge out your competition for a new job or promotion.
  • Flexible Formats, Competitive Costs: With enrollments accepted throughout the year, and flexible online course formats, the University of Chicago’s Clinical Trial Management certificate works around your schedule. Graduates of our certificate programs also have the opportunity to take advantage of our Alumni Scholarship Program.
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Don’t wait to advance your career. With a flexible online format, industry-active instructors, and short course timelines, our program can get you on the fast track to advancement.

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Potential job titles in clinical trials research

  • Clinical Research Associate 
  • Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Clinical Project Manager 
  • Data Manager
  • Clinical Research Manager
  • Research Nurse
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist
  • Clinical Operations Director
  • Clinical Trial Assistant
  • Clinical Trial Associate
  • Drug Safety Associate
  • Clinical investigator

Average Salaries of Clinical Trials Management Professionals

What do early career Clinical Trials Associates make?

The first several years of a clinical research career progress linearly. The Clinical Trials Management certificate can take yours to the next level. 

$ 49 +k

An entry level Clinical Trial Assistant earns an average annual base salary of $49,348.

$ 67 +k

Clinical Research Associate with 2+ years experience earn an average annual base salary of $67,400.

$ 76 +k

A Senior Clinical Research Associate with 4+ years of experience earns an average annual base salary of $76,241.

What do mid-career Clinical Trials Managers make?

After moving through the assistant and associate levels, clinical researchers can embark on different management tracks. Whichever you choose, our certificate courses give you the skills and knowledge you need to lead.

$ 93 +k

Clinical Project Manager can earn an average base salary of $90,083.

$ 85 +k

Clinical Team Manager can earn an average base salary of $85,782

$ 98 +k

Clinical Trial Manager can earn an average base salary of $98,069.

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Earning a non-credit certificate at the University of Chicago means being taught by the best—and those closest to the businesses doing the hiring. Learn how you can become part of a unique community dedicated to ethical practices, continuous learning, and professional growth.

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"I Continue to Use the Knowledge and Skills I Acquired Every Day."

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The Clinical Trials certificate gave me the confidence to understand day-to-day operations, and each of the six core classes I took for the certificate taught me things that I apply to my current role. Not only was it pivotal for getting my current job, but I continue to use the knowledge and skills I acquired every day.

Anuradha Bangaley, Clinical Trials Certificate Recipient