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Jarvis Purnell

Jarvis Purnell

Director of Student Affairs (Interim)

Meet Jarvis K. Purnell, a higher education professional who fosters student success. With over a decade of experience in student affairs, Jarvis has a proven track record of creating inclusive and engaging campus communities that promote academic achievement, personal growth, and leadership development.

Jarvis earned his Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology and Master of Education in Higher Education Administration from Northern Illinois University. While pursuing his graduate degree, he honed his skills in student affairs programming, multicultural education, organizational development, and student development theory.

Throughout his career, Jarvis has held various leadership roles in student affairs at both public and private institutions. He has developed and implemented successful programs and initiatives to support the academic and personal needs of students from diverse backgrounds, including traditional, non-traditional, and underrepresented student populations. Jarvis is passionate about promoting a healthy and vibrant community culture and has worked closely with students, faculty, and staff to create policies and practices that support student success.

As an active member of professional organizations, including the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA), Jarvis has presented at national and regional conferences and mentors students and young professionals nationwide.

Currently serving as the Associate Director of Student Services/Associate Dean of Students at the University of Chicago Professional Education, Jarvis oversees a comprehensive student affairs program that emphasizes delivering meaningful and impactful co-curricular support to students enrolled in for-credit and non-credit graduate and professional programs. His dedication to providing students with the resources and support needed to succeed academically and personally while advancing the institution's mission is an innate quality he continues to refine.

Jarvis is a skilled communicator, problem solver, and team builder committed to providing the highest quality service to students and stakeholders. His passion for supporting student success, extensive experience in student affairs, and unwavering dedication to promoting a campus culture of inclusion and equity make him an invaluable asset to the communities he serves.

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