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Ease your transition back into the classroom, jump start your MBA, or reskill your career as a Graduate Student-at-Large: Business (GSALB) program at the University of Chicago.

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Autumn 2021

Sep. 07, 2021

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Graduate Student-at-Large: Business (GSALB) students have the opportunity to take classes at the Chicago Booth School of Business as graduate students-at-large.

When you become a Graduate Student-at-Large at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, you gain entry into a vibrant academic culture through participating in the rigorous, discipline-based approach to business education that consistently ranks Chicago Booth as one of the top MBA programs in the world.

Designed For

Working professionals seeking to advance their degrees or non-matriculated students interested in exploring business school before applying and committing to a program.

GSALB prepares students  for the MBA at the Chicago Booth School of Business or any other MBA program across the nation. As part of the University of Chicago, the program mirrors the institution’s core values of building intellectual curiosity and academic confidence. Exemplary GSALB students may be granted admission into Booth and have the opportunity to transfer up to three courses towards the MBA.

Explore the Chicago Booth School of Business

More than just a business school prep program, GSALB gives students the opportunity to deliberately explore the academic culture of the Chicago Booth School of Business. Graduate courses at Booth taught by world-class faculty will give you a strong foundation in the language of graduate business education and exposure to our distinctive approach towards business theory and its application. You will gain access to the business school’s unique intellectual and social culture, as well as the opportunity to build lifelong professional friendships with like-minded students and faculty.

The GSALB team works closely with the Booth School’s registrar and admissions team to ensure that each GSALB student has access to the right courses. Our advisors will help you build a strong academic transcript, write a Statement of Purpose, receive commendable letters of recommendation from faculty members, and achieve competitive test scores, making you a competitive candidate for Chicago Booth and beyond.

Who are Graduate Student-at Large: Business Students?

Graduate Student-at-Large: Business students make up a diverse group: Some come to the program with strong foundations in business education, while others have no business background. However, every student shares a dedication to pursue an academically rigorous program. 

Many GSALB students are employed full time and have between three to ten years of work experience. Students accepted to the GSALB program must have already completed their bachelor’s degrees, and international applicants must meet our English language requirements.

Most GSALB students take one Booth course per quarter. Some students stay for only a single quarter, while others stay for two or three. GSALB students may take evening or weekend courses at our downtown campus, or during the day at our campus in Hyde Park.

Some students use GSALB to prepare for business school and continue onto the MBA program at Chicago Booth School of Business, while other students find their success in MBA, professional, or PhD degree programs elsewhere.

Women in Business Initiative

The Women in Business Initiative is an important partnership between the GSALB program and the Chicago Booth School of Business that encourages extraordinary women to advance their careers. By taking a Booth course through GSALB, participants can ascertain whether the academic and cultural fit is suitable. If so, they can eventually obtain an MBA from Chicago Booth School of Business and join a select group of successful, confident women leaders in business and commerce, government, and non-profit fields who are able to tackle tough challenges with strategic leadership skills—the hallmark of Chicago Booth.

International Students

International students in need of a J1 full-time student visa may take Booth classes as GSAL students. The GSAL program is able to issue I-20 documents for J1 international student visas for one, two, or three academic quarters at the University of Chicago. Current international GSAL students taking Booth courses come from Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. The GSALB team works closely with international students to ensure successful academic program completion and further graduate school application.

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