Graduate Student-at-Large Programs

Graduate Student-at-Large

Sample for-credit graduate and undergraduate courses at UChicago through our unique GSAL bridge program. See where your passions lie or what undiscovered skills you have, and confidently go forward in your educational journey.

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Autumn Quarter 2024

Sep. 03, 2024

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$4,400 per course
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Want a Taste of UChicago? This Unique Program Bridges the Gap in Your Education and Career

Join a graduate program where class discussions turn into vibrant discourse, peers turn into friends, goals are achieved, and doors are opened that you once never thought possible. Whether that is a graduate degree, a career change, a salary boost, or following your passion—you will receive a taste of the University of Chicago and be submersed in our premier academic learning environment with all the perks and benefits that entails.

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The Graduate Program You Didn’t Know Existed Can Make a Huge Impact on Your Life

What are UChicago’s Graduate-Student-at-Large (GSAL) programs? They are a unique suite of programs were you can earn credits, receive letter grades, and obtain transcripts for graduate and undergraduate courses at the College; in the divisions of the Biological SciencesPhysical SciencesSocial Sciences, and Humanities; and at the graduate schools in DivinityPublic PolicySocial WorkBusiness, and Law. You will have the dedicated support of an academic advisor to help you navigate your educational journey, and many opportunities for building your network and forming relationships with faculty. These programs provide you with a bridge for what’s next.

Bridge to exploration

GSAL participants come from a range of backgrounds—recent undergraduates, career changers, those interested in new professional fields, and international students—yet all share a curiosity and determination to advance their education and explore fields of study at the University of Chicago. Many GSAL students wish to cultivate specialized expertise within their chosen fields of study, building on significant knowledge acquired in their prior academic training. Wherever you are in your educational journey, and wherever you are hoping to go, UChicago’s GSAL programs can help you get there.

Designed For

Students interested in exploring undergraduate and graduate-level courses to build their knowledge, grow their network, and receive academic advising to help ensure their success.

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This Program is a Game-Changer

Grab your seat. Flexible format. No test scores or recommendation letters needed.

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Try Grad School Before You Apply

Your bridge to a graduate degree

Building a graduate school application? We can help. UChicago’s GSAL bridge program offers you support, insight, and advice to help you build a strong application. The GSAL bridge program is the only for-credit program that allows scholars to have the same classroom experience as those enrolled in Master's programs and PhD programs. They earn letter grades, course credit*, an official transcript, receive academic advising, and have access to UChicago student resources. You will also be able to build relationships that can lead to recommendations. Showing your ability to succeed at the rigor of UChicago’s academic requirements, will make your application hard to overlook.

*Please note: All GSAL students considering any MA or PhD program at the University of Chicago must consult with the Admissions/Program Directors of their intended graduate program to determine if any courses taken through GSAL can be transferred upon successful admission. GSAL courses do not automatically transfer into any MA or PhD program. Please note that no courses transfer into MAPSS.

Build Your Network Before Starting Grad School

More than just access to the University of Chicago’s world-renowned classrooms, GSAL also gives students a full university experience, combining weekly community gatherings with career counseling, access to academic workshops, fitness center membership, and more. This unique program is a lesser-known pathway to educational and career growth, but it carries a big impact. 

Enter into an extraordinary community

10 k

Talk about connections! UChicago’s bridge program boasts a thriving network, including an alumni community of over 10,000 active members, representing major industries, and residing all over the world. Get Inspired now.

Quick Wins: Benefits of GSAL Bridge Program Enrollment

  • Network growth opportunities with influential professionals.
  • Exposure and access to top faculty.
  • Potential for references and letters of recommendation.
  • For-credit graduate and undergraduate-level courses across subject areas and colleges.
  • Access to the abundance of UChicago resources including libraries and fitness center.
  • Preparation for a graduate degree with prerequisite courses.
  • Exploring the career path that fits your passion and goals.
  • Personalized academic advising and academic support.
  • Creating a stronger graduate school application.
  • The power of UChicago’s reputation and status.

Ready to Cross that Bridge?

Bridge Programs Built for People Who Are Going Places

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Graduate Student-at-Large Business

Find your bridge to an MBA. Want to test the courses at Chicago Booth? Then you need to try the GSALB program at UChicago.

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Returning Scholars Program

Maintain your rigorous academic pace by enrolling in courses through the Returning Scholars program at the University of Chicago.

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Graduate Student at Large alum, Jose M Diaz.

I cannot emphasize enough how impactful the GSAL team was when it came to keeping me engaged and connected. More than just updates on the latest seminars or lectures I’d be able to attend on campus, they were there in those moments when I questioned whether I was on the right path and each time they helped me find the extra energy to keep plugging at it.

Jose Diaz | GSAL Alum Regional Director, US Senator Todd Young

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