TRM Introductions: An Evolving Threat Landscape

Course Code:
MSTR 31110

This course is designed to introduce key concepts, awareness, and critical thinking around a consistently evolving threat landscape. It will provide historical and contemporary case studies pertaining to three major areas that are key to national and global security: environmental, national security, and cyber-based challenges. The course will focus on class interaction and dialogue on understanding historical threats, the evolution of them, and how the understanding of a changing threat environment will enable students to apply critical thinking, analysis, and heightened awareness to develop and apply potential strategic mitigation solutions. Students will have the opportunity to interact with subject matter expert guest speakers who are current or former U.S. government practitioners. Given that class will be conducted in a remote environment, online content (articles, streaming video, podcasts, social media) will be routinely included; students will also be regularly asked to self-identify relevant content for discussion and presentation. There will be an emphasis on real-world application such as developing high level policy positions and tabletop exercises.