Threat and Response Leadership Case Studies

Course Code: MSTR 31114

"How will I lead and how will I serve?" These questions have, undoubtedly, crossed the minds of our students, but have our students made the necessary personal investment to intentionally shape and execute on their own leadership vision? Tomorrow's leaders will require the tools and the space to refine their leadership philosophy while understanding the impact of leadership at all levels. They need to know what it looks like to really show up, what it means to lead from the heart and how empathy, inclusion, and trust enable long-term success. This course is designed to accelerate the process of living into one’s leadership philosophy by learning from others’ experiences and applying those lessons to one's own unique environment. Through a series of speakers, practical exercises, and meaningful peer-to-peer conversations, students will come away from this course prepared to embrace an uncertain future by tapping into their purpose for serving as well as their own capacity and potential for impact. Course topics will include frameworks and tools for defining leadership, case studies on what leaders may face, and deep dives into how leaders show up.