Master's Hybrid

Master of Science in Threat and Response Management


NOTE: Selecting a concentration is not required to complete the MScTRM program.

Cyber Risk Management

This concentration prepares students to enter the in-demand cyber risk management workforce equipped with the ability to secure critical informational technology infrastructures and mitigate cyber-attacks.

Curriculum Oversight

Curriculum oversight provided by subject matter experts with backgrounds in the National Security Agency (NSA), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), state and federal government infrastructure and intelligence, and private sector cyber risk management.

Who Should Study Cyber Risk Management?

This concentration is designed for mid-career professionals looking to secure highly-needed skills in cyber risk management and cybersecurity and meet industry demands.

Career Opportunities in Cyber Risk Management

Career opportunities are available in the public and private sectors and across local, state, and national governments at all levels. This concentration prepares students for roles such as cyber risk and strategic analysis experts, chief security and information officers, and other cyber incident response positions.

Environmental Security

This concentration prepares students to enter the evolving field by highlighting environmental risks, protection practices, policy development, and related national security concerns.

Curriculum Oversight

Curriculum oversight is provided by subject matter experts with backgrounds as senior officials within the Coast Guard Readiness Command and FEMA, and senior leadership within research and development for climate and security.

Who Should Study Environmental Security?

This concentration is designed for those who want to address the challenges of climate change, sustainability, and social responsibility in both the public and private sectors, on local, national and global levels.

Career Opportunities in Environmental Security

Career opportunities are available across sectors including corporate social responsibility and sustainability, environmental security and analysis positions at the federal and state level, and disaster management specialists.

National Security

This concentration examines the nuanced landscape facing emergency managers across international and domestic terrorism, lone actors, pandemic threats, and more.

Curriculum Oversight

Curriculum oversight provided by special agents within the Federal Bureau of Investigation (local and federal offices), former Departments of Defense and Homeland Security senior officials, and a senior advisor with Cambridge Global Advisors.

Who Should Study National Security?

This concentration is designed for first responders and mid-career professionals seeking to advance their careers in law enforcement, private security, and federal agencies.

Career Opportunities in National Security

Career opportunities for students focusing in national security include careers in the intelligence community; the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and Justice; communications strategy and public affairs; private security; and law enforcement.