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Cybersecurity and Governance

Learn how to initiate, create, and implement organizational cybersecurity policies and strategies in an increasingly dynamic global community.

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Professional Education
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Three days Open Enrollment
$3,250 for certificate
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This three-day course, offered at the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago, will give you an overview of the current cybersecurity landscape and address the unique concerns and roles of relevant stakeholders in safeguarding critical infrastructure, assets, and the public. 

You will gain insight into the events and activities that influence how organizations create and implement cybersecurity policies in an increasingly dynamic global community. You will also learn how to implement cost-effective, mission-based cybersecurity, deploy your organization’s resources to effectively address cyber vulnerabilities, and build and maintain a robust cyber workforce.

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Designed for executive leaders in both public and private sectors.

Conferred by The University of Chicago's Harris School of Public Policy

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