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Shaddy Adabo - Data Science Manager, Accenture Digital

Shaddy Abado, PhD

Senior Data Scientist at Ulta Beauty

Shaddy Abado is currently a Senior Data Scientist at Ulta Beauty where he focuses on developing machine learning models to optimize marketing strategies and enhance personalized experiences. With a background in engineering, throughout his career, Shaddy’s interests span various fields ranging from researching light-fluid interactions for aero-optics applications, developing data driven solutions for equipment predictive maintenance, and consulting companies throughout their digital transformation. Shaddy is passionate about teaching and engaging students in insightful education. Since 2012, he has been instructing graduate level courses in various academic programs.

Currently, Shaddy is a lecturer at the University of Chicago Master of Science in Analytics. He holds three US patents, has presented his research at national conferences, and has published papers in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. Shaddy holds a PhD in aerospace and mechanical engineering from the University of Notre Dame.