Non-Credit Certificate in Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Executive Education Program

For revenue managers seeking the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to break through into the C-suite.

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Introducing Our New Chief Revenue Officer Executive Education Program

The University of Chicago's ten-month online Chief Revenue Officer Executive Education certificate program prepares revenue leaders for the C-suite with interactive activities and immersive live sessions led by instructors and guest speakers at the top of their fields. You will enjoy the convenience of live-online sessions, ongoing network-building opportunities, and an in-person experience in Chicago.

Designed For

Designed for VPs Sales, heads of marketing, and other revenue leaders who are looking to take on the CRO role as the next step in their career.

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Elevate Your Career and Become a Chief Revenue Officer

Join the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Program to gain the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to enter the C-suite strata. Enroll now for a transformative journey!

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Program Goals

In the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Program, revenue leaders like yourself will extend your expertise with the knowledge, tools, and skills that you need to break through into the C-suite and become Chief Revenue Officers.

You will learn to:

  • Apply principled and data-driven approaches to developing go-to-market organizations, optimizing customer lifetime value, building revenue operations (RevOps) capabilities, and establishing pricing strategies.
  • Develop the leadership skills to effectively manage high-performing, cross-functional teams and influence senior executives, the board of directors, and investors.
  • Become better thinkers, leaders, and have the expertise to excel in a CRO role today—and wherever your career will take you tomorrow.

Topics you will explore

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Establish and guide high-achieving, varied, cross-disciplinary, and efficient teams that reach beyond the sales department. 

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Apply sophisticated marketing analytics methods to intelligently identify customer segments, enhance product bundles and marketing initiatives, and assess the productivity and success of go-to-market endeavors. 

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Formulate a revenue operations (RevOps) plan that harmonizes marketing, sales, and customer success for monitoring performance and optimizing revenue. 

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Acquire the skills to function as a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), develop compelling reporting and communications to collaborate with your board of directors, and promote yourself to investors, CEOs, and HR recruiters.

After completing the certificate, you will be able to:

  • Design and implement a go-to-market organization using cutting edge technologies and timeless principles to realize the commercial potential of any company from product-market-fit to mature-market-leadership and beyond.
  • Build and lead teams extending outside the sales organization that are high-performing, diverse, cross-functional, and effective.
  • Use advanced marketing analytics techniques to define customer segments intelligently, optimize product bundles and marketing campaigns, and measure efficiency and effectiveness of GTM efforts.
  • Apply strategies to enhance the value of customers by optimizing your interactions with them at every step of their lifecycles, from uncontacted prospects to attrited customers targeted for win-back.
  • Determine the optimal pricing for your products by applying principles from economics, data analytics, psychology, and negotiation to implement pricing with control at scale.
  • Develop a revenue operations (RevOps) strategy that unifies marketing, sales, and customer success to monitor performance and maximize revenue.
  • Learn how to operate as a CRO, create effective reporting and communications to influence your board of directors, and market yourself to investors, CEOs, and HR recruiters.

Career Benefits

The field of revenue operations is experiencing significant growth and demand. Revenue operations are crucial in aligning sales, marketing, and customer success functions within an organization, contributing to overall efficiency and revenue growth. The trend toward data-driven, decision-making and the need for streamlined business processes has led to an increased focus on roles related to revenue operations.

By the numbers

86 %

Of executives say CROs’ revenue operations are critical to growth goals.

# 1

LinkedIn identified CRO/Head of Revenue Operations as the top job on the rise for 2023.

1.8 x

Is the increase in revenue growth within Fortune 100 companies with a CRO-like role.

Relevant job titles in Revenue Management

  • Revenue Operations Manager
  • Director of Revenue Operations
  • VP of Revenue Operations
  • Chief Revenue Operations Officer (CROO)
  • Revenue Operations Analyst
  • Sales Operations Manager
  • Sales Operations Analyst
  • Revenue Enablement Manager
  • Revenue Systems Analyst
  • Sales and Revenue Operations Specialist
  • Customer Success Operations Manager
  • Business Operations Manager
  • Revenue Strategy Analyst
  • Sales and Marketing Operations Coordinator

Admissions Process

  • Application Fee: Pay the (non-refundable) application fee and fill out the application form.
  • Interview: Schedule a call for an interview with our Admissions team.
  • Results: Our Admissions Committee will inform you of their final decision.

If accepted, you will be able to make the tuition payment.

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