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Graduate Student-at-Large: Business

Tuition and Fees

Please see the UChicago Bursar site for the definitive list of current tuition and fees for the GSAL Business program.

Tuition and Fees for the 2023–2024 Academic Year

Tuition or Fee Type Cost
GSAL Business course $8,420*
Lifetime transcript fee (all registered students) $75
University Student Health Insurance (may be waived with proof of comparable coverage) USHIP

*International Students needing a J1 visa from the University of Chicago may only apply for the Graduate Student-at-Large: Business (GSALB) program and must be registered for three courses per quarter to maintain full-time status.

GSALB International Student Tuition and Fees

Tuition or Fee Type Cost
Tuition (Three GSALB courses) $25,260
Lifetime transcript fee (all registered students) $78
Cost of Living for J-1 Scholars (USHIP health insurance and housing) $6,180**
Estimated Total Cost for program ~$31,515**

** Housing costs have not been updated for the 2023-24 academic year and are subject to increase.

Payment Options for Graduate Student at Large Business Students

GSAL Business and GSALB International are non-degree programs. Students enrolled in the programs are not eligible for University grants and scholarships or most federal financial aid. Student loans may be available through the Student Loan Administration and the Maroon Financial Credit Union.

If you are a non-degree-seeking student, you may be eligible to apply for private education loans, also known as alternative loans. Alternative loans are non-Federal loans offered by lenders that provide specialized student loans with reasonable terms for U.S. citizens, nationals, permanent residents, and international students who have a creditworthy U.S. citizen as a cosigner. 

*Please Note: Your choice of lenders may be limited as some require you to be enrolled in a degree-seeking program. The University of Chicago does not endorse or recommend any specific lender. Once you have been approved for a loan, you can indicate your intent to borrow by completing our Alternative Loan Request form. For any questions, please contact

Payment must be made with a check or money order. Payment and billing schedule information is available from the Office of the Bursar.

University tuition payment plans and credit card payments are not available to GSALB students.

Benefits-eligible staff employees may apply for a tuition remission for courses taken through GSAL Business. The University will pay up to 50 percent of the tuition for up to two courses per quarter, at either the graduate or undergraduate level. The Staff Tuition Assistance Benefit form should be submitted directly to the University Benefits Office.

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