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Are you an international student looking to explore MBA courses at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business? The Graduate Student-at-Large Business (GSALB) program is inviting a select group of self-motivated international students to take full-time (300 credits, three courses) academic training for one academic quarter, starting Winter 2023 at Chicago Booth.

International students now eligible to enroll in MBA Courses at Chicago Booth

GSALB International results in a transcript (with grades) from the University of Chicago, opportunities to learn from top Booth faculty and network with MBA students, and the ability to use the experience toward future MBA applications, at Chicago Booth or beyond. (Up to three Booth classes can be transferred into the MBA curriculum at Booth, if you are granted successful admission into the MBA program).

  • As a GSALB International student, you will hold a J-1 student visa for one quarter and will be enrolled in full-time studies at Chicago Booth. Seats in Booth courses will not be reserved for international students and are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Foundational courses (Microeconomics, Financial Accounting, and Business Statistics) typically have seats available each quarter. You can review the seat availability chart for these courses online.
  • A maximum of three business courses may be applied toward the MBA degree if and when you apply and are granted admission into Booth MBA program. Please note, the full-time MBA program offers F-1 visas, but the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program does not. Students wishing to attend the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program must secure a work visa (H-1B) to come to the United States and study in those programs.
  • GSALB International students must comply with immunizations, health insurance regulations of the University, as well as with English Language proficiency of the University.
  • Total estimated cost of attendance for one quarter (without air travel and food) is ~$31,000 USD See the Tuition and Fees page for more details.

Please reference new application deadlines for interested GSALB International applicants for the 2023 academic year below.

Application deadlines

Round Deadline
Winter Quarter 2024 Nov. 01, 2023
Spring Quarter 2024 Dec. 18, 2023
Summer Quarter 2024 Mar. 04, 2024
Autumn Quarter 2024 Jun. 03, 2024

If there is a delay in visa processing, applicants will be deferred to Spring Quarter 2024 (course availability is similar to Winter 2024).

Please contact Esther Riske, Program Director of GSALB Program, for more information at:

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