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MasterTrack in Machine Learning for Analytics

Master AI algorithms, data mining techniques, and predictive analytics to solve real-world business problems using machine learning.

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Five months Open Enrollment
$4,000 for certificate

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In this certificate program, you will learn to create, refine, and evaluate machine-learning models by working on real-world data with a TA, instructor, and fellow students. 

The first two mini-classes focus on statistics for machine learning—allowing you gain the tools you need to make tight inferences and conduct experiments using your models. In the last two mini-classes, you turn to machine learning proper and learn sophisticated techniques to detect patterns and create models to make predictions. The emphasis throughout is on developing a firm understanding of the theory that underpins practice so that you approach machine learning in a thoughtful, critical way. You will follow a real-world case and make real-world insights using a proprietary dataset. You will also have opportunities to explore various applications, including natural language processing (NLP) and image recognition.

Students who successfully complete the program and are accepted into the Master of Science in Analytics program will also have the opportunity to waive equivalent courses.

Designed For

Designed for those with some experience in Python and linear algebra who want a rigorous introduction to machine learning so that they can use it professionally. After completing the program, students will have done projects that they can add to their professional portfolio.

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